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Happy Monday 30 January!

30 January 2012 |
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Have you gone to work this morning with ‘renewed vigour’ this morning?

You should have, according to David Holmes, senior psychologist at Manchester Metropolitan University. He says today is ‘Happy Monday’, which he claims to be the first happy day of the year. The first pay cheque of the year and booking your summer holiday both contribute to the positive feelings.

It comes two weeks after ‘Blue Monday’ (just a coincidence, surely). Holmes suggests there will be 11 ‘happy days’ in 2012 – which, out of 365, could be a bit depressing when you think about it (sorry for interrupting the positive vibes). These include the two bank holidays in spring, the day the clocks go forward, Midsummer’s day and the day you actually go on holiday. There will also be a bonus happy day this year because of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration.

Maybe it was for just this reason that band The Happy Mondays announced their decision to reform for a tour later this year.

3 Responses to “Happy Monday 30 January!”

  1. Maybe, it is true for HMRC. On-line tax-return filing is approaching deadline. It is gloomy for Chinese takeaways though it is a lunar Chinese Year day. There are few orders usually for people spend all during weekends. It is, again, not true for order progressing. Often, deliveries have to be chased in view of probable delays at weekends or today, even. Traffic congestion tends to result in deliveries behind time. Also, it is not an easy day for retail chains in view of tidying-up as a result of stock-counts. It is seen that most chains took such counts last weekends.

  2. I get the impression that Friday afternoons are happy times for a lot of people.

  3. David Holmes confirms my suspicions about the worth of psychologists.

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