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Shaun McCarthy is the director of Action Sustainability, a not for profit social enterprise set up to lead and inspire sustainable procurement.

Message from Malaysia

17 October 2013

A recent visit to Malaysia showed Shaun McCarthy the country has opportunities, but also big challenges when it comes to sustainability.


My own rock star moment

19 September 2013

Shaun McCarthy’s dreams of becoming a famous singer may have come to naught, but he was still able to enjoy the spotlight at the CIPS Supply Management Awards.


Living wage – cost or opportunity?

9 September 2013

Should purchasers be demanding suppliers pay staff a living wage, asks Shaun McCarthy.


The answer to the ultimate question about sustainable procurement

30 August 2013

If one supplier is more sustainable but its rival is cheaper, which should you choose? Shaun McCarthy puts his neck on the line…


Back to school

20 August 2013

The Supply Chain Sustainability School has been in operation for just over 12 months. Shaun McCarthy reflects on its success.

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New ISO standard for sustainable purchasing

8 August 2013

Shaun McCarthy explains his role in developing an international standard for sustainable procurement and supply.


When will carbon become a factor in investment decisions?

8 July 2013

Some companies are already considering the reduction of their environmental footprint in future investments, says Shaun McCarthy.


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

3 July 2013

As we learn more about the environment, we throw up new business risks and opportunities, says Shaun McCarthy.


Ethical challenge

16 May 2013

Shaun McCarthy reflects on a few of the ethical dilemmas currently facing supply chain managers.


Is this the end, or just the beginning?

28 March 2013

Shaun McCarthy looks back at the work of the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012, which closes at the end of March, and looks ahead to the future.